For more than 5 years, we have devoted ourselves to the individual needs of businessmen and companies dealing with the development of their business and we also help them with the construction of development projects.

Why us?

  • Execution of own development projects
  • Advantageous position in cooperating with banks and financial institutions
  • Strong portfolio in the database of investors
  • Favourable rates and prices for cooperation with banks
  • Arranging legal servic

Consulting process

  • Tender of indicative offers
  • Individual approach
  • Discussing a specific case
  • Regular personal communication
  • Set-up of common strategy
  • Preparation of necessary documents
  • Your success

We have anexcellent business network all over the Czech Republic and we workwith dozens of sales representatives.

Who are our clients?

  • starting businesses
  • companies who need money for development or expansion
  • companies who build development projects
  • companies who buy properties for living purposes or for commercial works

Tender of indicative offers

  • Collecting materials from the client
  • Defining the business plan
  • Preparation of the tender documentation

Discussing a specific case

  • Analysis of offers from the financial institutions
  • Handing over the data to the client
  • Handing over the demands to the financial institution

Setting up common strategy

  • evaluation of possibilities in cooperation with the client
  • deciding on the final strategy
  • preparation of the strategy

Preparation of necessary documents

  • follow-up communication with the banks
  • representing the client up until the contract signing
  • handing over the relevant documentation and information to the client
500 MM CZK


1,3 bil CZK

Of arranged
loans for

2 bil CZK


1080 clients

Number of clients