Our services

For the property owners we will secure

  • appraisal of the property value
  • budgets for reconstruction and other pricing strategy
  • offer of sale or lease
  • home staging and other marketing support
  • personal tours and consultations with clients
  • legal service

Our real estate activity comprises consultancy services for the property owners, future buyers, investors, etc.

If you own a property and are considering whether to lease it, reconstruct it or sell it, do not hesitate to contact us.

We arrange

  • sale
  • lease
  • home staging
  • properties appraisals
  • detailed budgets of reconstructions
  • visualizations of interiors and exteriors
  • videotours

We have an excellent business network all over the Czech Republic and we work with dozens of sales representatives.

Our goal is to secure complete services connected with financing, sale, lease and reconstruction of properties, all under one roof.

Why us?

  • long-term experience on the property market
  • complex services inclusive of securing the real price appraisal
  • transparent and favourable prices of our services
  • verified cooperation with our partners on the real estate marke
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loans for

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1080 clients

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